Our Team

At this very moment you can meet one of our drivers in one of our taxis. This is possible during the standard opening hours, or as a driver on specific moments (travel to airport or at events)


Driver Photo
Antonie is a teammember since day one, and grew to a solid value within this company. He has two small children and focusses mainly on providing service during the weekdays, but you can also spot him on events or other special moments in one of our tiktax-vehicles.


Manfred is mostlikely the best known daydriver. Ever since the first day part of tiktax, and just loves our small minivans. You see him often driving through the town centre. Also he's oftenly mistaken as the "boss" of this company, so it's not wrong of us to consider him our mascotte (if we don't count in our well-known logo).


Bernard can't sit still and has after a flourishing professional carriere chosen to still remain active. He lives the job as a driver and knows the profession and customers like no other.

Bernard is mainly active during the dayshifts from Sunday 'till Saturday, and is always ready to drive our customers on a highly professional basis to or from one of the airports.


Ash is the evening/nightdriver on duty. He knows the job as it is and is known in a big share of restaurants and pubs as "the driver" of our company. In weekends he's always in his taxi with the well-needed "schwung", with music blowing through the speakers to the beat of what his customers desire.

As IT-wizard he's always available to respond immediatly to possible technical problems.


Filip is a solid value in the team since 2016. Just like every other collegue Filip enjoys the contact with the people. Quite logical, because as an experienced Sales Trainer, our Filip knows like no other what customers deem important.  Filip Locquet - tiktax


Bart joined in the summer of 2017 our group and helps during the weekends, mainly on Sunday.

Bart loves the social contact with customers.


Kristof is our solid value for the nights in the weekend. Kristof is part of the team that brings the outgoing people safely home. As a social individual he's always ready for conversation.


Ilse is part of the tiktax-team since the summer of 2017. Mainly focussing on transport to airports, but likes the day- or evening shift just as much. Ilse De Bosscher - tiktax


To complete our team, Klaus-Dieter will mainly be our extra support during the evening and weekends.

As an experienced driver in ceremonial transport he's one of the drivers that loves the social contact.




Eddy is CEO of this company since 2016. Mostly during the weekend and on busy moments you can spot him in one of our vehicles. Especially the contact with the people is what thrives him.

Als CEO he's mainly active on the administrative side of the company.

Besides that he also focusses on the networking between the people and companies that use us.

Besides the activities connected to the company Eddy is also active as CEO of SCOPE, a consulting agency with specialties in production- and logistic optimalisation (www.scope-advice.eu).



To ensure our services, it is very important to have the needed capacity. Therefor, we still have open spots available for new drivers. Providing flexible work, you as a new collegue can choose whether to be more or less active, depending on your own availability. Are you interested in a varied and social professional activity, please contact us at jobs@tiktax.be.